Traveling in car, boat or plane with your pet

what to expect?

03 February 2022

The secret to a successful trip and peace of mind is definitely planning. So we have gathered some important information here to help you plan your departure.

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Is my animal big?

Please, be honest !

26 October 2021

My pet is not big, he only has big bones! He is not greedy so it is not possible that he is overweight! And yet, it’s real, Ti-Loup is really obese. Instead of putting your head in the sand, see for yourself. Exercise at home, and without cheating. There are a few things you need to check to see if your pet is overweight. Find it more in the blog.

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Allergies …
why bother?

03 September 2021

Scratching, chewing the skin, biting and rubbing are the most common signs that Ti-Loup is itchy. But the big question is WHY? Learn more about allergies in this blog

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Planning holidays by leaving our animal in good hands

29 June 2021

As the summer vacation approaches, we wanted to cover some important things to consider in your planning in this blog.
This articles answers:
1. Who should we leave our animal to?
2. How to properly prepare caretakers or pensions?
3. What information should be given to custodians?
4. What to do in an emergency?
This to make sure your vacations are relaxing, as it is supposed to!

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Your pet is talking to you, do you understand what he is telling you?

03 June 2021

Have you ever tried to ask your pet for commands or scolded him and you didn’t think he understood? It is the very foundation of communication. If the two interlocutors do not speak the same language, they must find a way to understand each other. Communication, in whatever form, is the only way to develop […]

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Why is it so important to ensure the health and safety of our pets?

29 April 2021

Everyone will, one day or another, be faced with a difficult situation between our heart and our wallet. The health of our pets is of concern to all of us. The choice between caring for them and simply having the possibility to pay for their care is sometimes difficult.  Why not plan rather than find […]

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What if I had known?

05 February 2021

Ti-Loup and Fluffy return from their medical exam. The vet has advised you that they are in good health. Are they really? Having an annual (or biannual for seniors) medical exam is a great thing to do, especially considering that Ti-Loup and Fluffy age 7 times faster than us. However, is a medical examination sufficient […]

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Will my Puppy be a Good Dog?

04 October 2020

I am convinced that just like me, you want your dog Ti-Loup to be friendly, affectionate and obedient! When Ti-Loup can’t do it and unwanted behavior occurs, your emotional link can weaken and you might think about giving it up or even having him euthanized. We all hope the puppies can stop their unwanted behavior, but let’s face it, he will need your help and we can help. The next few lines might be a bit heavy, but you will understand how important they are to you and Ti-Loup. You will be proud of his accomplishments and thus improve your relationship.

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Dangerous food

04 October 2020

Wanted or not, fall is fast approaching. Sandals give way to rain shoes, beach trips stop, kids are finally back to school and yes, even after COVID! Personally, I love this time of year for hiking in the woods with the family and my Italian Greyhound, Pablo. Unfortunately, we need to be extra vigilant for […]

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Healthy smile

02 October 2020

Teething is an incredibly important subject that directly affects the quality of life and sometimes even the longevity of every animal. So I would like to share five tips with you so that your dog Ti-Loup and your cat Fluffy have a healthier smile. 1. Daily brushing As with us, the basis of good oral […]

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