Vet & Cie exists to allow you to live magical moments in the company of your pet regardless of his age or health status.

We have therefore created a different company where you will find not only medical care, but also answers to your questions as well as lifelong support for your pet.

At Vet & Cie we partnership with you to inform and reassure you. You can therefore put the emphasis on your relationship with your pet and thus benefit from high quality moments in his company.


Our mission

At Vet & Cie, we have an ambitious mission to allow you to fully enjoy life with your pet: Let’s develop together a place where science and magic combine.

Our vision is simple, offering you all services in one place. So we are the first choice for pet parents offering comprehensive veterinary services, from birth to old age, allowing you to strengthen your emotional ties in an exceptional experience.

As your pet plays an important role in your life and each new step can be a source of doubt, count on Vet & Cie to assist and reassure you.



DR CHANTAL RIENDEAU Veterinarian Owner

I am co-founder and veterinarian-owner of Vet & Cie. I have been practicing veterinary medicine for pets since 2004. I also have training in ultrasound (abdominal and cardiac). In recent years, I have been the co-owner of two veterinary hospitals on the island of Montreal. My experience has allowed me to see that there are gaps in the veterinary field. This is why Vet & Cie was born. Currently, I practice veterinary medicine with the goal of educating people about the more general health of their animals. By starting with preventive medicine adapted to our reality today, to care internationally recognized by our peers and by including mental health in our approach in order to strengthen the bond of affection and trust between clients and their pet. I want to help give everyone a better quality of life and better care.

SÉBASTIEN LÉVESQUE Owner Administrator

I am the co-founder and administrator-owner of Vet & Cie.

Over the years I have accumulated experience in employee management, complex project management as well as sales in a highly competitive environment, which is the pharmaceutical industry.

Being motivated and dedicated to put in place robust processes to work in a structured environment where no loss of time, intellect, or anything else occurs, I used my skills and my overwhelming enthusiasm to create a dynamic, structured, pleasant company where everyone can deploy their talents. All for the happiness of clients and employees alike.

DR AMY SAUCKE-LACELLE Veterinarian ° Pets

After receiving my doctorate of veterinary medicine from the University de Montreal in 2014, I
completed a small animal internship in an emergency and referral center in Santa Rosa, California. For the next several years I continued to practice in California until returning home to Quebec in the fall of 2017. 
My special interests are preventive medicine, pain management, and surgery, and providing the highest quality medicine to my patients.  My experiences in animal rescue following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005 and 2006, as well as my participation in several spay/neuter projects in Northern Quebec, Peru, and Grenada over the years, inspired my passion for volunteer work and for travel.
I am thrilled to be part of the Vet et Cie team and I look forward to meeting you and your pets!

DR CATHERINE TOURIGNY Veterinarian ° Procedures
Alexandra Le Borgne Client Service Advisor
Technical assistant

J’occupe ce poste depuis 4 mois, c’est un rêve d’enfant qui se réalise que de travailler avec les animaux. J’ai toujours eu des chiens dans la famille. J’ai eu l’occasion d’être bénévole durant 5 ans dans une association de protection animale en France. J’ai à cœur de vous accueillir, vous et vos compagnons, au sein de la clinique. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer !

ALEXIE BUTLER Paramedical Services Coordinator

My name is Alexie. I am very happy to join the team and the company Vet & Cie. Having grown up with dogs at home, I developed a great love for these little dogs. I am passionate about learning, I am very motivated to develop my knowledge of all other types of animals. I am committed to providing unparalleled customer service and to listening attentively to your needs and those of your wonderful companions. Looking forward to serving you.

ASHELEY KANIKI Client Service Advisor &
Administrative Assistant

My name is Asheley and I am a very perfectionist student in administration and Marketing (to see as a quality). I am an animal lover and new mom to my first cat, Simba. I want to develop new experiences, skills and evolve in the Vet & Cie team as a customer advisor and intern. To combine my passions and my professional life. History of combining the useful with the pleasant.

CORALIE BOUTIN Animal Health Technician
DANYA DUSSAULT Veterinary Assistant
Expansion agent

My name is Danya, I have been a veterinary assistant for almost 2 and a half years. I have been passionate about animals from a young age and especially a lover of cats. I am smiling, dedicated and emphatic. Looking forward to meeting you and your furry companion!

JUDITH SIMARD Veterinary Assistant

My name is Judith & I am a veterinary assistant. It’s been a dream since I was a young girl to work with animals. I am soon starting my studies to eventually become an animal health technician in the Vet & Cie team. I have a beautiful big cat at home named Daisy (yes, like the princess in Mario Bros)! It it a great pleasure to meet you & your pet very soon.

LAURENCE BONENFANT Animal Health Technician

After completing my final year internship in animal health technology at Vet et Cie, I had the chance to join the team. I have always lived with animals and I am very happy to be able to meet yours. I love all animals but I have a weakness for ginger cats and guinea pigs.
Looking forward to meeting you and your little companions.

LORIE DEMERS Behavioral Groomer

My name is Lorie and I specialize in behavioral grooming. My job is to take care of dogs who have difficulty grooming. Bath, dryer, razor, shears… is it really natural for dogs? Can dogs have serious consequences in the face of this stress? That’s what we’re going to see together! Whether big or small, it will be my pleasure to take care of your doggie!

MARJORIE MATHOT Technical coordinator & Animal Health Technician
Technical assistant

My name is Marie-Claude, I am a receptionist and technical assistant. I have worked in the animal health field for 8 years. I am pleased to join the Vet Et Cie team. I am a proud mother of three cats and a dog. I am passionate about and lover of animals. Looking forward to meeting you and your furry friend.

MISSYA CIARUFFOLI Client Service Advisor

My name is Missya and I work as a customer advisor. I am an animal lover but I have a weakness for dogs and cats, I am the mother of two cats and a little chihuahua. I am smiling, attentive and attentive. I have just finished my DEP in sales consulting. I will put into practice the knowledge learned throughout my studies to advise you.
Looking forward to meeting you and your doggie.

OPHELIA-LYNN GASSER Certified Animal Health Technician

I am a certified veterinary technician who graduated in 2021 from Lakeland College in Alberta, I also have a business degree which I obtained in 2015 from Concordia University in Montreal. My love for animals started at a very young age. I grew up on a dairy farm, not only was I surrounded by cows, but I had all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to birds and lizards. I also have a great passion for fauna and flora, I did an internship at WILDNORTH (rehabilitation and wildlife rescue in Alberta). I am interested in gardening, outdoor activities, cooking and sports. It is my pleasure to meet you and your pets and provide them with excellent care and service!

VALÉRIE BARRETTE Client Service Advisor

My name is Valérie, I am happy and proud to be part of this wonderful family business. Vet & Cie gives me the opportunity to develop my potential as a customer advisor. I look forward to sharing my passion for animals with you. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you with a big smile.

VALÉRIE TURCOTTE Animal Health Technician

My name is Valérie and I have been passionate about animals since I was little. I have a border collie and a goldendoodle who accompany me on my camping and hiking adventures. I also do wildlife photography and practice several dog sports such as canicross and agility.

VICTORIA JURCA Client Service Advisor

My name is Victoria and I am happy to be able to join the Vet & Cie team. Being a parent of a small dog as well as a cat, I found that joining this team was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my love for animals. I am a smiling, empathetic and dynamic person who will be able to accompany you throughout your visits. Nice to meet you!