Vet & Cie exists to allow you to live magical moments in the company of your pet regardless of his age or health status.

We have therefore created a different company where you will find not only medical care, but also answers to your questions as well as lifelong support for your pet.

At Vet & Cie we partnership with you to inform and reassure you. You can therefore put the emphasis on your relationship with your pet and thus benefit from high quality moments in his company.


Our mission

At Vet & Cie, we have an ambitious mission to allow you to fully enjoy life with your pet: Let’s develop together a place where science and magic combine.

Our vision is simple, offering you all services in one place. So we are the first choice for pet parents offering comprehensive veterinary services, from birth to old age, allowing you to strengthen your emotional ties in an exceptional experience.

As your pet plays an important role in your life and each new step can be a source of doubt, count on Vet & Cie to assist and reassure you.



CHANTAL RIENDEAU Veterinarian Owner

I am co-founder and veterinarian-owner of Vet & Cie. I have been practicing veterinary medicine for pets since 2004. I also have training in ultrasound (abdominal and cardiac). In recent years, I have been the co-owner of two veterinary hospitals on the island of Montreal. My experience has allowed me to see that there are gaps in the veterinary field. This is why Vet & Cie was born. Currently, I practice veterinary medicine with the goal of educating people about the more general health of their animals. By starting with preventive medicine adapted to our reality today, to care internationally recognized by our peers and by including mental health in our approach in order to strengthen the bond of affection and trust between clients and their pet. I want to help give everyone a better quality of life and better care.

SÉBASTIEN LÉVESQUE Owner Administrator

I am the co-founder and administrator-owner of Vet & Cie.

Over the years I have accumulated experience in employee management, complex project management as well as sales in a highly competitive environment, which is the pharmaceutical industry.

Being motivated and dedicated to put in place robust processes to work in a structured environment where no loss of time, intellect, or anything else occurs, I used my skills and my overwhelming enthusiasm to create a dynamic, structured, pleasant company where everyone can deploy their talents. All for the happiness of clients and employees alike.

Maude Gauthier-Bouchard Veterinarian

I am a veterinarian, graduated in 2017. I did a one-year internship in exotic animal medicine in 2018. So I have a strong interest in small mammals, birds and reptiles. Before starting my studies to be a veterinarian, I did a bachelor’s degree in biology. My heart therefore has an unconditional love for flora and fauna. In my personal life, I run, road bike, cross-country ski, yoga, hike and cross fit regularly. Whenever I get the chance, I take the opportunity to be in nature. I also really enjoy cooking and gardening. It will be my pleasure to meet your life companion and share a small portion of your life.

Danya Dussault Veterinary Assistant

My name is Danya, I have been a veterinary assistant for almost 2 and a half years. I have been passionate about animals from a young age and especially a lover of cats. I am smiling, dedicated and emphatic. Looking forward to meeting you and your furry companion!

Frédérik Fafard-Cabana Animal Health Technician

I am newly graduated from Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe as an animal health technician. Even if the last few years have been more difficult, due to the rather arduous studies, I am very grateful and consider myself fortunate to have found a job that fascinates me and to work with people who have both health and the good being of the animals at heart.

Jade Côté Animal Health Technician

Following my graduation in animal health technology from Cégep de St-Hyacinthe in 2017, I have always worked in the field of animal health. Over time, I developed a particular interest in medical imaging and a fascination with reptiles. At home I have a cat, 2 snakes and a colony of freshwater shrimp.

Josiane Giroux Animal Health Technician
Kim Robichaud Client Service Advisor

Being passionate about animals and nature, I am blessed to be able to get involved with the Vet & Cie team, in order to make a positive difference in the lives of these precious beings. This enriching experience allows me to participate in the comfort and well-being of each of them.

Lorie Demers Client Service Advisor

My name is Lorie and I am a client service advisor at the reception. Ever since I was a child, every time I saw an animal outside, I would bring it home to take care of it. When my mother arrived from work, she was full of surprises 😂

I have a tricolor cat called Pistache and a crested gecko called Patnais. I would eventually like to be an animal health technician with this great team!

My goal at Vet & Cie is to make sure that clients have a smile when they leave this establishment and are well informed!

Marie Dostie-Beauregard Veterinary Assistant

My name is Marie and I’m a veterinary assistant. I am in love with animals in general, but my weakness is cats. I am a proud mother of 3, one of them is Gollum, which you can see in the picture. I am joyful and attentive, and working in the veterinary field was always a dream of mine since a was young, I can’t wait to help you and your animal, and accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Marie-Ève Lajoie-Corriveau Animal Health Technician

I am passionate about medicine in general and animals of all kinds. In my spare time I love to hike, kayak, paddle board, read fantasy books and watch various TV series. And I present to you Haiku, my favorite chattering red cat.

Melissa Bisson Supervisor, Paramedical Sevices
Canine Daycare Worker

My name is Melissa, I am a client service advisor and soon to be a dog trainer. Owner of two beautiful rabbits, passionate about animals and their well-being, I found a great opportunity to join the Vet & Cie team. I love all animals, but I really have a crush on exotic animals. Hope to meet you!