At Vet & Cie we create an unrivaled experience grouping all the services for your beloved pet. We allow him to play and have fun in our daycare, to rest or heal in our veterinary hospital and to eat using our on-site shop and online store.

We offer many services and use technology to make your life easier.

We call this a STRESS-FREE experience!

Contact us now for a veterinary experience that meets your expectations.


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Whether for preventive medicine, such as vaccination, or to cure an infection, trust Vet & Cie to provide the best veterinary care for your pet. We will accompany you at every stage of your pet's life, offering advice from his first moments and unrivaled medical support throughout his old age.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our medical services offered.

  • Exotic animal care and surgery
  • Veterinary consultation
  • Consultation with technician
  • Emergency
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Medical imagery
  • Medical imaging (digital radiography, general and cardiac ultrasound by general practitioner)
  • Microchip
  • Euthanasia
  • Diagnostic tests & blood tests

Preventive medecine

Financing available

Specially designed for Vet & Cie clients, we offer you the unique opportunity to perform early disease screening tests. Preventive medicine will allow you to confirm the health status of your animal, from an early age, at a very competitive price.

Go ahead and schedule a consultation with the veterinary team to start the preventive medicine program at Vet & Cie.

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Whether you want him to be the most beautiful for an outing, for grooming, or for holistic therapeutic care, Vet & Cie is the perfect destination to offer a range of services to your pet.

Make Vet & Cie your partner of choice to meet all your needs!

  • Behavioral Grooming
  • Cryosurgery
  • Cold laser
  • Hydrotherapy (to come)

Fun daycare park

Forget about traditional pensions, visit the Vet & Cie daycare center for a unique experience in the region and under veterinary supervision!

Whether it's because you've got a big day at work planned, a family outing that Ti-Loup can't participate in, shopping to do, or you just don't have time to take him out, stop feeling guilty about leaving him alone at home and give him a unique experience, allowing him to:

o Socializing, being exposed to new environments, new people and new animals;
o Reduce stress and boredom;
o Reduce indiscipline behavior;
o Improve relationships and build confidence;
o Reduce their anxious behaviors and decrease their fear;

A visit to the Vet & Cie daycare center will allow you to have a balanced and pleasant life with your pet because he will have been able to socialize, to expend his energy while learning and having fun. In short, a busy day during which doggie will have been able to flourish!

The daycare allows you to reserve a cage for a fixed period of time when booking by offering two (2) periods of 30 minutes of free play. The following packages can be added to each session:

Simply reserve your arrival time by clicking on the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button above and your Ti-Loup can benefit from a period of physical activity and socialization, in Fear-free environment.

Give Ti-Loup a session of ball games, flying discs, agility games or treasure hunts to stimulate him physically and mentally. Both inside and outside.

The socialization of our companions is the most important part of his education, which will determine his relationship with his environment. Our animals must be exposed to everything around us in order to be reliable in their social interactions and to have a solid foundation of good manners. The work is done by gentle, positive reinforcement methods, such as the basics of "Fear Free", or rather than punishing bad behavior, the animal's bond of trust is strengthened through a positive approach.


Shop and online store

Everything to make your life easier!

Whether you are looking for a solution to housetrain your dog or retain him to pee inside, to prevent him from destructive chewing by enrichment or to limit the problems of scratching of your cat, visit the Vet & Cie shop or our online store to find recommended solutions by our experienced veterinarians.

You will find the best foods to promote the maintenance of good health of your pet or stabilize a medical condition.

Visit our "Food bar" on site or shop online at any time of the day and benefit from delivery to your home, work, or free to our hospital.