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Why is it so important to ensure the health and safety of our pets?

29 April 2021

Everyone will, one day or another, be faced with a difficult situation between our heart and our wallet. The health of our pets is of concern to all of us. The choice between caring for them and simply having the possibility to pay for their care is sometimes difficult. 

Why not plan rather than find yourself in a precarious situation? 

Insurance makes it possible to bridge these situations. Pet insurance helps cover medical costs in the event of illness or accident while some companies also offer preventive health coverage (vaccinations, annual examinations without prior evidence of illness, sterilization, analyzes of any kind, preventive drugs against external and internal parasites, etc.) of your pet.

How best to choose your insurance company?

It is important not to rely only on the price but rather on your needs to not miss the most important thing for you, your peace of mind!

Here are some points to consider:

  1. Ask you what you need as insurance coverage? It is important to think beyond just an emergency. Ti-Loup will need, in most cases, care outside of an emergency situation. Dentistry is a good example. This procedure is recommended annually for the vast majority of patients. Health check-ups (blood, stool or urine tests) are also regularly recommended annually in order to closely monitor the health of your Ti-Loup or Fluffy.

  2. Check the reputation of the insurance company. Find out from friends, family, social media, and your vet.

  3. Is there a maximum payment limit that the insurance company could pay for a given situation?

  4. Are the premiums reasonable?

  5. What is the reimbursement period?

  6. Are there any exclusions or unreasonable requirements to you? Are they clearly written in the contract?

  7. Are there actions you must take to keep your insurance, e.g. annual medical examination, blood test or others?

Pet insurance companies work much the same way they do for us. Our coverage is made based on our health at the time we apply for it. It is therefore recommended to take an insurance plan as early as possible and at a young age in order to avoid additional premiums or exclusions. Unlike human health, companies can categorically refuse to insure certain animals or certain pre-existing conditions. In addition, insurance policies are very attractive when it comes to accident coverage compared to those that cover illnesses. However, with age, the risk of accidents decreases but the risk of disease increases. Unfortunately, Ti-Loup and Fluffy age much faster than we do, so disease development happens more quickly. You should then consider it from the early beginning.

In conclusion, yes insurance can be complicated at times, but it remains essential to offer the best possible care to Ti-Loup and Fluffy and reduce your stress level in difficult times which will help you to focus mainly on the care and love that your pet deserves. To start an insurance program during the first days will let you enjoy every moment with your pet without compromising your budget.

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