05 August 2022

Zoonoses are diseases that can be transmitted between humans and animals. In this blog learn how to be infected and, the most important, hoe to prevent them!

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What is the cost of having a pet?
Can I afford it?

07 May 2022

In this blog, we discuss the financial side of having a pet, in order to prepare yourself well and reduce the psychological impact related to a lack of funds to take good care of your pet.

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your new dog is coming to the family,
are you ready?

31 March 2022

The arrival of a new pet in your family is a happy event, but sometimes scary. Beyond food and love, there are several things to consider for his coming to be successful. The first question to answer is where does it come from? Then, it is important to think about his basic needs such as his food, the place where he will be fed, will sleep and also where he will go to relieve himself. Another important aspect is his integration with the other members of the family. Learn more in this blog so that its integration into your family is successful!

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Do you have a socialization plan for your puppy?

04 March 2022

Socialization includes all new sensory experiences, whether good or bad. Creating good first experiences, gently, is essential, otherwise Ti-Loup will develop anxiety or behavioral problems. In this article, learn what to consider for an adequate socialization plan.

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Is my animal old? …

what to watch out for!

03 December 2021

We all wonder from when do we consider our animal as old?
Some changes can be associated with health problems but can also be secondary to aging.
Learn more about aging animal in this article.

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Planning holidays by leaving our animal in good hands

29 June 2021

As the summer vacation approaches, we wanted to cover some important things to consider in your planning in this blog.
This articles answers:
1. Who should we leave our animal to?
2. How to properly prepare caretakers or pensions?
3. What information should be given to custodians?
4. What to do in an emergency?
This to make sure your vacations are relaxing, as it is supposed to!

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