How to choose your exotic animal?

The Ferret

28 July 2021

Ferret lovers cannot do without ferrets in their life. A ferret has so much energy that it will keep you busy and entertained at all times. It is the exotic animal that has a lifestyle most similar to that of a cat. Learn more about this surprising animal.

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How to choose your exotic animal


31 March 2021

The decision to adopt an animal is a decision that requires thinking about at first. For a cat and a dog we all know that we need to invest time and space, but how to choose for an exotic animal. They are small and often seem independent, but is that really the case?
In this article, we will therefore look at the rabbit in order to see its characteristics.

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Exotic animal medicine

05 March 2021

Exotic animals are pets which include birds, reptiles, snakes, rabbits, ferrets, rats, guinea pigs, flying phalanxes, Vietnamese pigs, and other small mammals. Each of these species has very specific characteristics.

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